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Hello all gemini moons.

I have also my tropical moon in gemini, but now I want you to think about sidereal astrology. When using sidereal chart, your planets move one sign backwards; you are all then Taurus moon.

I prefer sidereal astrology, since it is grounded on real constellations unlike our usual tropical astrology. And now I give you a short interpretation based on your real constellation/sidereal sign, where your moon actually is located :

Moon in sidereal Taurus : Your mind is stable, determined and having *one-goal*. You are most easily still and seeking comfortable being in everyday life. You are little bit lonely and living independently. Your mind needs extremely pleasure and you may hide your hedonist side from others. You are lovesick. Yet you are controlled and behave steadily in most cases. You don’t spoke too much. Others may see you a little bit shy. You are pleasant and friendly outwardly. Your mind is constant and you always finish things. You commit yourself to people and things with unchangeable feeling. If you are hurt, you never forgive it.

What do you like?
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    Sat, June 12, 2010 - 5:59 PM
    Not everyone will be taurus moon, depends on what degree of gemini the moon is in. Check for sidereal placements!

    I am a sidereal taurus moon, and I must say I relate to this much more strongly than gemini. I've been pretty interested in sidereal lately, and have been reading up on vedic moon sign characteristics. I must say the taurus moon fits me to a T. Very little of the typical gemini moon traits fit my own personality, besides the tendency to detach and appear sometimes emotionally cold or disingenuous, but I think that has more to do with my very tight moon - uranus opposition rather than gemini itself. . . who knows. I have always related more to taurus / pisces nature than aries / gemini (my sidereal sun is on the cusp of aries / pisces) and others also see my taurus / pisces more readily than anyone would see aries / gemini.
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    Sun, June 13, 2010 - 2:28 AM
    im gonna have to say the gemini moon suits me more. I am emotionally chageale, flighty, and when feeling secure I will talk and talk and talk...
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    Thu, June 17, 2010 - 4:33 AM
    Hello April and Nephos,
    From the beginning I never felt Gemini moon really close to my character. I was not talkative. I had no talent to express myself cleverly and immediately by speaking or writing. Nor did I read much or have been interested much of things. I was not curious person. All I ever wanted was to settle down in life and live peaceful life. Relatively these traits are not disappeared anywhere, I am still the same character as in youth.

    When I observe other "gemini moons" (sidereal Taurus moons), I can see quite clearly same spirituality:

    - not very talkative
    - Routine lifestyle. Not interest in travelling or variable lifestyle.
    - emotions (and sometimes opinions) deep and strong.
    - strong interest in sex and earthly things in general.

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      Thu, June 17, 2010 - 5:25 AM
      hmm...i see..then perhapse my need to communicate comes from sidereal merc in aquarius, and my need to travel comes form my moon opposing jupiter?.. I always considered my venus in taurus my need for stabilty, especially in relationships... This all shows astrology is a conflicting art, and really comes down to the individual interpretor.

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